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Same here Care to share your experience when you make the leap? In reply to this post by andrei.

Oh, I had completely forgotten about that flag and also did not know it could be applied on a per-rule basis! I will ask an end user to do some testing of their own on this volume by copying a few troublesome Zip files there and attempting to uncompress.

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If all goes well I will update the production export policy assigned to the production volume. I will then relay the results to this list. Thank for the suggestions, everyone. In reply to this post by John Stoffel Hi John Absolutely, will share how it goes.

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Our autosupports are generally pretty clean and upgrade advisor doesn't point out anything I'm too concerned about, so I'm not anticipating anything exciting. Thanks, John This may contain confidential material. So what will happen if you need to over-write those files from the Unix side? The users are windows, the SAP is Unix, and god help you when someone on the windows side screws up the permissions somehow and it all stops writing. It's too early on a Sunday morning for me to remember the full details though.

But sharing files back and forth is still not perfect.


Reporting back with not so great news. My test case on my test Mac didn't seem to have this problem after setting ntfs-unix-security-ops-ignore on the CIFS protocol rule in the policy assigned to the volume. When I try from the end user machine using the command line, I can uncompress but still get a bunch of fchown errors.

Need to do some more hunting around, I guess. Any chance this might be becuase 1. Preface- this email is written with the --verbose option. Skip if you don't want your eyes to glaze over ; Played with this some more, there has to be some puzzle piece missing - this must work for other people?

I am able to reproduce the users' error even after making the changes of a couple months ago enabling option ntfs-unix-security-ops-ignore on an export policy rule. I've since turned this test account into a normal unprivileged user. Yeah I know that sucks. I have verified that the rule in the export policy being applied to this production volume has the ntfs-security-ops-ignore option set to true, the rorule is krb5,ntlm, the rwrule is krb5,ntlm, the superuser rule is krb5,ntlm, protocol is cifs, and clientmatch is As my unprivileged test user connected to this production share on an OS X I cloned the underlying volume and created a share on top of the clone.

As an admin user on a Windows machine, I connected to this cloned share and navigated to a directory a couple levels up from the one that contained my test directory.

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Again as my unprivileged test user, I connected to the cloned share on an OS X It uncompressed successfully! I'm stumped for now. In reply to this post by basilberntsen 8. In reply to this post by Ian Ehrenwald Does setting "-ntfs-unix-security-ops ignore" on export rule help? In reply to this post by Ian Ehrenwald Reporting back with not so great news. Free forum by Nabble.

They allow for large file size, you can assign permissions to the files, and the last but not least, NTFS is readable by Windows, Linux, and Mac machines. The good news is that the solution is easy. If you can find it there, you already have MacFuse installed. If you do not have MacFuse, just go to Google, search it, download it, and run the installer. This will give you access to NTFS drives; however, the access is still readonly. This will give you the write permission on the NTFS drives.

If you want to have NTFS drives mounted automatically with write permission you need to do couple of more steps. Now you need to rename this file by typing:. Remember that the name for this script is not arbitrary. There are different ways of creating this script. As an example just type:.

How to read/write NTFS formatted drive on Mac OS X

You are done. All those files are there, and need to be there.

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  • NTFS could be an option, yes. I never had any problem. Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my zynga group? Please let me know.

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