How to format wd hard disk for mac

If your Mac has AppleCare or is under the limited warranty, seek out assistance immediately and request a repair now before your AppleCare expires. Contact Apple Support. Set-up an appointment at the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store for hardware evaluation and assistance Genius appointments are free—those parts and labor to fix are not unless covered by AppleCare or if you make a strong and insistent case.

I have a MacBook Pro from and an external hard drive Samsung portable something…. I had it plugged in today and it worked just fine. Then, as I was moving my computer the hard drive fell down still plugged in. After a little while I heard a ticking noise from the hard drive and tried to eject it, but the computed refused to do that, so I pulled it out without ejecting. Any idead on how to fix this??

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Sorry to hear about your external drive. That ticking or clikcing noise is often an indicator that the something is seriously amiss with the drive heads. What you can do is let the drive rest, unplugged without access to power for a few hours and then try again. But only try this once—trying to access a clicking drive repeatedly will actually make things worse.

Once you plug the drive back in, open Disk Utility and see if it recognizes the drive at all. If so, try First Aid. They may be able to recover its data and place it on a new drive. There is a high probablity of future failure. Thank you very much. Hi I am trying to follow the instructions you have using terminal as my external hard drive does not show up under disk utility or storage, but does show up in my system report. Do you have any advice on what to do from here? Try these commands.

WD my Passport external hard drive Set Up Guide for Mac

If it mounts, eject it using Finder and then physically unplug the usb cable from the drive. Please remove the drive then shut down your Mac, wait a few minutes, and then restart. Wait for your Mac to fully restart, then open an app any one app will do to make sure the computer is responsive. If so, copy that information onto a drive that your Mac does recognize. Then reformat the external drive and test on your Mac again. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you, Elizabeth, for writing up this list. But Slow Jam works overtime! Thanks for letting us know. We love the Slow Jam too!

Have you also encountered data loss issues with Western Digital HD?

Always works on our Thumb Drives! Love that easy things work…sometimes. Kext Utility worked for me… I went down your list one by one, finally got a winner at the end. Now backing up with Time Machine, seems to be functioning normally. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Search posts. Show 73 Comments Hello, my imac 6.

Hello What if the drive only flashes when plugged in no matter how you do it? Thank you SO much! Hi Adam, When the drive is flashing, it usually means your Mac is running through a series of check to mount the drive. I read one of your answers to a previous post and used Terminal to inspect the disk.

Terminal tells me the disk is Unformatted.

Any advice would be much appreciated, Regards Dave. Hi Dave, Sorry about your troubles with your external drive. Was the drive you purchased for a Mac or Windows or unformatted? Keep me posted, Liz. Hi Daryl, Sorry about your external drive troubles. Can you see the drive when you check your System Report on your Mac? Hi Daryl, You bet. Also, before connecting the drive to your Mac or any other: 1. Remember to try multiple ports on the Mac—just in case there is a problem with a port If the problem replicates on another Mac, then the problem is likely some hardware issue in the drive itself—perhaps a loose cable or some other issue.

Keep us posted, Liz. But so far if one port fails, the other works swapping roles. Bizarre, and still annoying. Thanks for this discussion.

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On my older Mac running macOS Sierra, this was not a problem. Sometimes none, sometimes several. Hi Knox, Sorry, your Mac has issues with your hub. A lot of readers notice issues with their older hubs working on macOS Mojave. Thanks for your help.

Any ideas? Hi there, My laptop was stolen at an airport last weekend and I was forced to buy a new MacBook. I was trying to avoid the models that had USB C ports, but here we are.

How to format WD external drive for Mac - Apple Community

Hi April, Totally understand your situation—been there, done that! Does the drive power up from the USB port or does it have its own power source? It took days and has not solved the problem. I would love to solve this problem. Hi Simon, Yes, Console is difficult!

The best ways to format an external drive for Windows and Mac

You are not alone in that. Hi Ricardo, Have you tried Disk Utility? We hope its okay! Good luck, Sam. I currently have the MacBook Pro from I purchased an external enclosure and installed the old SSD into it. I tried all of the steps above, and still no luck. Trying a super slow jam really worked for me!!! Thanks for that great and interesting advice!!!

Hi there I tried everything in this article. I used terminal and when I tried to eject the disk it says timed-out waiting to eject. Hi Melinda, First, restart your Mac.

How to Format WD My Passport for Mac and PC

This error is often temporary. If you cannot open the Mac App Store, let us know so we can assist further. Fix it and now my external drive works perfectly. Hi there! Thank you. Thanks again, SK. Hi C, Oh my goodness, what a pain! Contact Apple Support Chat online with a support team member free Telephone support is free for 90 days with a new Mac or for three years with AppleCare Set-up an appointment at the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store for hardware evaluation and assistance Genius appointments are free—those parts and labor to fix are not unless covered by AppleCare or if you make a strong and insistent case Hope that helps, SK.