Cant open trash folder mac

Then, I try to remember what app s I used the file in recently.

Can’t Empty Trash on Your Mac? Here’s the Fix to Resolve it and Clear the Trash

If I recall that I just sent the file in Mail, or that I have it open in a file transfer in Skype, I can easily quit one of the aforementioned apps to close any open processes that might be using the file. One of the more convenient ways to quit an app is to right-click on the icon in your Dock, and then choose the Quit option:.

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Keep in mind that any open processes, such as file transfers in instant messenger apps, will be cancelled if you delete the source file. If you have quit everything you can think of, and the file is still being used by macOS, then there is only one other thing you can do: turn your Mac off and on again. This will quit all of the macOS processes and force your Mac to restart all of its services.

How To Empty Trash On A Mac

Also read: The difference between emptying the Trash normally and securely. Mac still using files in your Trash? Though not intentional, there are various issues that can cause the install or update process to fail.

You'll see this as an endless update, or an unexplained install error! In cases like these, completely reinstalling Discord will often improve our updater's performance and clear out any issues.

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  • Follow these steps! In both of these cases, find the Discord folders in these files and drag them to your Trash.

    If there isn't, that's okay! Find Discord and drag it to your Trash.

    ‘The file is locked’

    Finally, empty your Trash! If your OS tells you that the file cannot be deleted because it's still in use. If reinstalling Discord doesn't do the trick, it's possible your network configuration is preventing our updater from doing its job!