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We don't share our mailing list. Toggle navigation. Mac Tools Request Information. Home-based business offering personal, professional, and financial flexibility. No experience necessary, we offer comprehensive training. Ongoing field support and mentoring. Initial inventory of top-selling, high-transaction tools. Proprietary Mobile Business Software to manage your business transactions. National marketing support with motorsports branding. Monthly flyers, sales aids, videos, displays and promotions to help grow your business.

Click to Call Now! Franchise Comparison. Franchises by Category. Explore franchises and business opportunities by industry and category. Franchises by Investment Level. Filter your search by startup capital required. Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz! Check it out. Industry Reports. State by State Guides. See our products. Learn more. Lead Generation Resource Center. Mac Tools Franchise. Start your business! Liquid capital required. History of Mac Tools Mac Tools has a long history in tool development and sales.

See what Mac Tools is saying. OK, USA.

Quote History. Originally Posted By TinLeg: I would want to know things like how many other reps are in the area, where they go, etc. I know a former award winning SnapOn rep from Florida, and he got out due to Snap On clamping down on payout potential. PA, USA. I buy a lot of Snap-On tools from a local truck dealer well I used to, pretty much stocked up now. Dude spends 5 weekdays daylight selling, nights and all day Saturday and Sunday collecting money. Kinda sounds like it sucks real bad, actually. MN, USA. Corporate will treat you like a number. You take all the risk.

Read Psalm 91 to understand how God protects you. MO, USA. You should break the mold.

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Start up a Harbor Freight truck business. Louis Rams have in store for the innocent man killed by men wielding hammers. Its my duty to please that booty. The truck can be a rusted out early 80's Chevy van so the clientele feels comfortable.

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Some people pray for the end of civilization because they think they will finally have a chance to be a badass. Others who already are badasses, fight to preserve the civilization we currently have. FL, USA. This post is solely the opinion of capnrob97 and does not reflect the views of ar Originally Posted By Elijah1: I've heard that your route can make or break you.

Party science is the best science. I worked for a guy who owned a MAC Tool route. He used his extra money to buy a crappy gun store and clean it up. Then he sold the route and opened another, much bigger gun store with a range.

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Then he opened a third gun store with a range. He sold the first and third stores. He owns two very large houses in two very expensive towns, a Porcshe, a 40' boat that he overnights, horses, and a bunch of other stuff. You can do very well with it if you apply yourself. The government does not have the power to grant liberty to the citizens.

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The citizens have the liberty to grant power to the government. Conqueror of the Test Post Forum. View Quote View All Quotes. Originally Posted By armoredsaint: i always wondered how hard is it for those traveling salespeople, mac tools has a corp office here in town too.

VA, USA. Mac tools is dead around here. Past two "franchisees" failed hard. I would rethink Mac. Posted Via AR Com Mobile. TN, USA.

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If it matters , in the last 20 years I have know 3 Snap On tool men that have lost everything they own because of corporate , Great Tools , Shitty Corp. In between drivers over the years they had my account so screwed up it was not funny , one month I was to the good next month I owed them a fortune from truck account Never Again.. Because I said so, that's why! You should make sure the previous rep hasn't ruined the brand in the area you would be picking up. Also, try to see if you can find out exactly how many shops are going to be in your area. Our children will learn of it with their own eyes WI, USA.

I can think of a lot better ways to invest k. IL, USA. In for this one. I too would think that there are better things to do with K, but at the same time I've heard that if you're a good tool truck man you'll rake it in. GA, USA. Do a search for the topic on the GarageJournal forums, there are some very good threads on this exact subject. Plus, there are quite a few dealers over there, and most don't recommend the business I cant imagine it's the best business to get into I only wrenched for 7 years but let me count our drivers In my opinion though, all of the Snap On drivers were douches who sucked at sales, they expected the brand to sell for them.

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The Matco guys weren't very good at sales either, seemed to me though what really killed them was their prices were the same as Snap On or more, and their brand name just isn't as good. He didn't dick around for a hour hoping someones wallet would spill open. I wouldn't of done business with his replacement though.

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  6. The Cornwell guy is top notch. Great salesman and to top it off he didn't price his tools like they were Snap On. Guy would bend over backwards to take care of you.