Copy folder in mac to external drive

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All files stored inside a computer are located within this, though there are usually short cuts to get to different locations in the hard drive. The Desktop, or Documents folder are other common locations to store files.

How to use your Seagate External Drive

The next step is to open the destination. Available disks on Macintosh usually appear on the desktop. In this case, it is the other icon on the desktop called "LaCie Disk". Double-click the LaCie Disk icon to open a Finder window pointing to that location. Usually, Finder doesn't put windows in convenient locations like in the example.

Drag the hard drive's icon from the Desktop to the Trash bin to safely eject.

How to Transfer Applications From Mac Onto an External Drive

Connect an external hard drive to the computer using the USB cable and wait for the drive's icon to appear on the desktop. Hold the "C" key to start the system from the disc.


Select your language and choose "Disk Utilities" from the "Utilities" menu. Select the disk you connected to the computer from the source pane and click "Verify Disk" to check for hard drive problems. Click the "Repair Disk" button to repair the hard disk if an issue is found. Click the "New image" button, and then give the new image a name you'll remember easily.

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Select "bit" or "bit AES" from the encryption menu to add security to the backup. When prompted, enter a password to protect the image.

Copying Files to External Hard Drive via … - Apple Community

Click the "Save" button and enter your administrator password. Wait for the imaging process to begin. It usually takes about a minute for 1 GB of data to be imaged to the external hard drive.

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Select the new backup from the device pane when the process completes, select "Images," and then click "Scan Image for Restore.