Airplay on mac os x 10.7.5

Is Mac OS X 10.7 Lion still usable in 2018?

AirServer, initially released as a simple menubar app, has always been the app that aimed at bringing "AirPlay for everything" to the Mac since its first version. Whereas similar hacks from other developers focused on turning the Mac into a receiver for photos or video, AirServer has been improving on the concept of a standalone solution for sending anything via AirPlay from iOS to OS X.

The app eventually made the leap to iOS for jailbroken devices , and gained initial iOS 5 and Lion support earlier this year.

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With AirServer 3. Once you've installed AirServer 3.

Question: Q: Does airplay mirroring work

Unlike the previous versions of the app, however, support for AirPlay streaming has been dramatically improved: The transition between songs, photos and slideshows is smooth and much more natural than AirServer 2. The big change in AirServer 3. With the new version the developers have replaced QuickTime Player with their own video player based off Perian , which is optimized for network streaming and multiple displays.

Enabling AirPlay mirroring on an unsupported Mac

I have tried the new AirPlay video streaming with several videos from my Camera Roll, YouTube and Safari, and it's incredibly better than the old QuickTime-based streaming. The player looks nice, but more importantly it's fast and loads videos coming from an iPhone or iPad much quicker than before.

You can use the video player in full-screen mode, or resize its window to fill a portion of the screen. Get it here.

Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories content , delivered every week; it's also a way to support us directly. As for your second question, there is indeed an alternative. When I tweeted about this issue recently, follower joshfofer provided the answer: This is an application, compatible with Mac OS X It can mirror your complete desktop up to p on a 3G Apple TV, mirror just a specific application without background desktop cutter , as well as extend your desktop between your Mac and your TV this is a feature that works only with OS X.

AirServer 3.0 Brings AirPlay to the Mac With Full iOS 5, Lion Support

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